RECENT : Artefact9 - 13 May 2023

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour Lots Road, London, SW10 0XE

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Artists Represented:

Selected Artworks


Toru Kaneko
Tall blue copper vase with small roundels, 2021

H 49.5 x W 19.7 x D 12.5 cm

tin plated copper

Fumie Sasai
Morning Moon, 2021

H 20.5 x W 24 x D 15 cm

Japanese lacquer (Urushi), hemp cloth

Shinya Yamamura
White square stripy incense box, 2022

H 3.7 x W 7.1 x D 7.1 cm

Lacquer, mother of pearl, abalone, egg shell, gold powder

Jun Tomita
Orange/blue Ikat hanging, 1991

H 207 x W 98.5 x D 1 cm

Silk Ikat