Tsubusa Kato

Born 1962 in Tajimi, Gifu, Japan.

Graduated 1979 from Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre.

Tsubusa Kato is best known for his innovative white porcelain with a pale blue celadon glaze. At first glance his work seems slightly unfinished but on more careful inspection you realise that the porcelain has been deliberately slashed and the sides left rough, to contrast this the partially gently flowing pale blue celadon glaze balance his pieces beautifully.  His work can be found in collections such as the Tomo Museum, Tokyo, The Brooklyn Museum, USA and The Art Institute of Chicago, USA.  

Selected Works


Large Porcelain Bowl, 2007

H 15 x W 41 x D 41 cm

Porcelain and celadon glaze

3 Tall Porcelain Vases, 2007

H 46 x W 9 x D 7 cm

Porcelain and celadon glaze