Toru Kaneko

Born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan.

Graduated 1988 from Tokyo National University of fine Arts. 

Toru Kaneko is a silversmith specialising in objects and jewellery made in various metals with unusual patinations.  He has been awarded numerous prizes in Japan including the Japan Crafts Exhibition Prize and the Grand Prix at the Takaoka Craft Competition. He has exhibited in Japan, Europe and Australia. His works have been included in public collections such as The Aberdeen Gallery, The Ulster Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.  In 2014 he retired after 20 years as Professor of metal work at the Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata.

Kaneko portrait

Selected Works


Tall copper vessel with roundel deco., 2023

H 38.5 x W 16.5 x D 9 cm

Tin plated copper

Tall squarish copper vessel with roundel deco., 2021

H 31.5 x W 24.5 x D 10.5 cm

Tin plated copper

Large tall squared copper sculpture, 2017

H 47.5 x W 17 x D 0 cm

Copper, tin, brass powder, lacquer