Ryuichi Kakurezaki

1950 Born in Goto (Kabashima, Goto Islands) Nagasaki

1977 Graduates from Osaka University of the Arts

2014 Retrospective exhibition at Musée Tomo, Tokyo

2016  Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo 

Ryuichi Kakurezaki is a renowned and highly regarded Bizen artist, known for his use of unconventional clays. 

Although Kakurezaki’s work uses the traditional materials and techniques of Bizen, since the 1990s Kakurezaki has been using what would have been historically considered ‘waste clay’, to achieve  intriguing results. His work paradoxically can be considered both traditional and avant-garde. 

Kakurezaki’s work has exhibited in many important exhibitions and museums around the world. His work is in major Collections including Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan, and Musée Tomo, Tokyo, Japan.

Ryuichi Kakurezaki 2020