Ryuhei Sako

1976 Born in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture

1999 Graduated from Hiroshima City University, Department of Design and Applied Arts, Faculty of Arts
2002 Studied at Graduate School of Arts: Doctoral Degree Programme, Hiroshima City University

Ryuhei Sako creates pieces using Mokume-gane, a Japanese metal technique dating back to the 17th Century. First very thin different coloured alloyed metal sheets are layered and bonded. Then the layers are cut into or drilled and reworked. To achieve a successful lamination takes a very skilled artist and although his work is based on research and experimentation using this tradition process he manages to create very contemporary pieces, In 2004 he became a Member of the Nihon Kogeikai (Japanese Handcrafts Association) and in 2013, on his first exhibition outside Japan, the V & A Museum purchased one of his pieces for their public collection. In 2018 he was one of the finalists for the prestigious LOEWE Craft prize which was displayed at the Design Museum London. 

sako oepn vessel