Koichi Io

Born 1987 in Tokyo, Japan.

Koichi Io was born into a traditional metal making family, both his grandfather and his father are renowned metal artists.  After learning from his father, he went onto further studies in Seoul, Korea.  He makes simple hammer raised vessels in copper, kuromido and shakudo.  In 2009 he won the Merit Award “6th Cheongiu International Craft Competition” and in 2014 The Victoria and Albert Museum purchased their first piece from him. In 2018 he won the Bayerische Staatspreis in Munich for special design and technical achievements in his craft. 

Koichi Io was a finalist at the 2019 LOEWE Craft Prize. All shortlisted work was displayed at the Sogetsu Kaikan in Tokyo.

Io's work is held in the following major collections: The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford, UK and Cheongju City, South Korea.

Koichi io portait

Selected Works


Large copper boat vessel, 2021

H 18 x W 38.5 x D 29.5 cm

Patinated copper

Three legs Shakudo vessel, 2021

H 22.5 x W 24 x D 22 cm

Hammer raised patinated shakudo (1% gold)

Whirl Vase, 2019

H 16 x W 21 x D 21 cm

Patinated copper