Kazuo Takiguchi

Born 1953 Gojozala, Kyoto, Japan

1974 studied Economics at Doshisha University and then later went on to study pottery at the Kyoto City University of Arts.

Mr Takiguchi starts with a slab of clay which is then flattened and beaten finally trapping air inside a ball like shape.  The large organic shapes are created out of the relationship of the trapped air and his working of the clay, building the inside and the outside of clay together.  In the late 1980s his work started to have ‘feet’ like appearances which together with glazes that acquire a metallic like shine, he achieves sculptures that have a very strong yet lightweight quality.In the 1970s he presented work at both the Kyoten and Nitten Exhibitions.  In 1992 he studied for a year at the Royal College of Art, London.  Since then his work has been exhibited extensively both in Japan and Abroad. and is in many permanent  Museum Collections.

1929 kazuo takiguchi