Chikuho Mimura

1973 Born in Tokyo, Japan

Originally Chikuho Mimura studied to be a trombonist in Germany, but having returned to Japan he decided he wanted to make things that were more related to everyday life.   He first studied at the Bamboo school in Beppu, he then spent two and a half years as a live in pupil with a Beppu based craftsman, Shohaku Yufu. Here he learned a particular braid technique: YATARA-ami (a technique to weave thinly striped bamboo irregularly from numerous directions. It is also called a Midare-ami or Ara-ami, meaning “rough knitting”.) Later under the influence of another teacher, Shoryu Honda, his work evolved into  slightly more rounded sculptural pieces.  His work is included in many museums including the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. 

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